Eyebrow Microblading


Procedure Time ⌚

2.5 Hours

Cost 💵


Discomfort Rating 🤕

Minor Discomfort

Microbladed Eye

What is Microblading?

Microblading is the perfect procedure for those with uneven, patchy, or thin brows who desire long-lasting brows every day. The technique uses semi-permanent ink to draw hair strokes to produce a natural-looking, full brow that does not smudge.


  • For 10 days, avoid contact with water to the eyebrows, this includes showers. Shower shields will be provided post-treatment.
  • For 10 days do not wear makeup while the cuts containing pigments heal.
  • Avoid sweating , saunas, or swimming until eyebrows stop flaking.
  • Avoid touching the treat area. Do not scratch, pick, or itch your eyebrows to prevent scarring or removing pigment.
  • Apply your aftercare cream daily as directed by your technician, after care cream will be provided

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Learn about Gia's procedures, how to prepare for treatment, and performing aftercare to ensure you have the best results.

Meet Gia

Gia owns and operates Aesthetics Ink. She has been a licensed PMU Technician since 2011 and continues to dedicate her time to the continuous improvement of her skills and knowledge. She loves to stay on top of industry standards and the latest developments in beauty technologies.

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"Gia is awesome at making you comfortable. She drew out the shape of my brows and showed me them to me, I asked for adjustments and she made sure I thought the shape was perfect before she started. Super natural and most people are shocked when I tell them I did it, because they never would have known otherwise! Will come back again and again!"

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"Gia was recommended to me for microblading by a friend, and as a first timer I was very nervous! But, I liked the idea of going to someone who a trusted friend had seen. I made the drive and Gia was WONDERFUL - she answered all of my questions. Microblading was so worth it and I'm so happy I opted to go with Gia!"

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"Gia is very knowledgeable, competent and professional.  She explained everything carefully and listened to my suggestions and wants.  She did a beautiful job and we had lots of interesting conversations!!  I HIGHLY recommend Gia she is well worth her time and effort."

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"Gia is amazing, a true artist. She runs an immaculately clean, professional shop and is so careful to do a perfect job that you should feel at ease to trust your brows to her."

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"My first time ever having this done and I absolutely love them! I started losing my eyebrows the older I got and now I have them back only better. Gia made me feel so comfortable! She is a perfectionist love everything about her and her place! I highly recommend her!"

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