🩹 How to care for Microblading with Oily Skin

If you have oily skin, you know that it can be a challenge to find makeup that doesn't slide right off your face. The same is true for microblading, a semi-permanent form of eyebrows. While microblading can give you beautiful, full brows, it's important to take care of them so that they don't smudge or fade. Here are a few tips for caring for microblading with oily skin:

First, make sure that your brows are clean and oil-free before your appointment. You may want to wash your face with a gentle cleanser and apply a light layer of oil-free moisturizer.

Second, after your microblading appointment, apply a light layer of anti-bacterial ointment to help protect your brows from bacteria. Be sure to apply the ointment sparingly, as too much can cause the eyebrow color to fade. Finally, use a cotton swab to lightly apply baby powder to your brows. This will help absorb any excess oil and keep your brows looking their best!

By following these simple tips, you can help ensure that your microblading lasts for the full 18 months. When you are ready to have your refreshed refreshed, be sure to schedule your touch-up appointment!

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