Does Permanent Makeup Hurt 😖?

How To Ensure The Most Pain-Free Permanent Makeup Experience

One of the most asked questions about permanent makeup is whether or not it hurts. Of course, that will depend on your personal tolerance for pain, and the sensitivity of the area where you decide to have the procedure done, but for the most part permanent makeup is mildly uncomfortable, rather than painful.

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Alleviating discomfort

There are a few things that you can do in advance to help alleviate any tenderness that you might feel during or after your procedure. Make sure that you follow proper pre-care steps as explained when you schedule your treatment. Stay well-hydrated in the week before your procedure. Eliminating alcohol and caffeine 48 hours prior to your treatment will help as well since they both act as blood thinners. Don’t work out on the day of your procedure. Do not schedule a treatment if you have a strong tan or a sunburn.If you are having your eyebrows done, avoid treatments such as electrolysis, tweezing, waxing, or threading at least a week beforehand. Remove any lash extensions and contact lenses before a top eyeliner treatment. Lips are the most sensitive area for permanent makeup so make sure that they are well moisturized on the day, not chapped or cracked.If you are prone to cold sores make sure that you are taking medication to avoid a breakout post treatment. All of these precautions will ensure that you have a smoother experience during and after your permanent makeup treatment. And, of course, if you have any medical condition, check with your doctor beforehand with any concerns that you might have, or questions about the medications that you take.

Speak with Gia

Gia, who owns and operates Aesthetics Ink, has been a licensed PMU Technician since 2011 and dedicates her spare time to the development of her skills. She wants you to have the very best experience possible and will minimize any tenderness that you might feel during your treatment by applying an FDA approved topical anesthetic developed specifically for permanent makeup procedures throughout your session. A pain-free experience is also partially your responsibility – communicate with your technician! Please ask questions and clearly let her know what you are feeling so that you can work together towards as comfortable an experience as possible.

Tips to further relieve discomfort

All that being said, despite careful preparation and topical anesthetics, you may feel some tingling or stinging during the procedure, or some discomfort if you are sensitive to pain. You may also find the noise or scratching sensation of the treatment uncomfortable so you may want to bring your own earphones and music to distract you. The upside of permanent makeup is that there is little to no recovery time for these procedures beyond some redness and occasionally some temporary swelling at the site and, after your session, you will rarely need anything beyond, perhaps, Tylenol© (which is recommended by doctors over aspirin and ibuprofen.)

Use the provided post-care cream

It is very important that you follow the post-care steps which you are given in order to avoid any discomfort after your treatment, as well as to achieve the best results with as little pigment loss as possible. There is a healing process to any permanent makeup procedure so please avoid sun exposure and sweat inducing activities for the first ten days after treatment. Keep the area dry and cool and apply the aftercare cream provided as directed.If you follow all of the tips above, Aesthetics Ink can ensure you as pain-free a permanent makeup experience as possible. All you will need to do is to show off your new time-saving look that enhances your individual beauty.

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